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State of the Nation // DEC 2014

WISP on Camera

A new webcam and a slightly frustrating late night session with Skype, Mumble, a laptop and some broadcasting software has ushered in a new feature for WISP. A new feature in that we can no project our shiny happy faces onto videos. Frustrating in that it took a few hours of tinkering to get it all set up properly. Actually, the broadcasting software was playing up and then expletives happened and finally Fraps.

And then it was time for DCS World. DCS wasn't meant to be a thing. It's a fairly hardcore flight simulator and we're not hardcore flight sim people. But we had sticks and it was something Nik wanted to play, so it was used as a video test. In the edit it became a thing.

Even though it takes three times as long to edit and encode, I'm kind of happy with the end result. We'll use webcams on future video, though perhaps not every video.

Snack Time

AAAAaaaaaaaa... It seemed like a good idea at the time. A natural progression from our AFK videos where we take food stuffs and place them in out mouths. Some of it has been nice, like the Twinkies, and some has been horrible such as cat food. In all it's a series we're continuing for the foreseeable future.

Hopefully it makes a nice departure from our gameplay videos. It's certainly an adventure for us to go out and record using real cameras and microphones without having a monitor to hide behind.


The banner and title cards received a tweak. I wanted to keep the blue sky, but lose the Minecraft theme we had going. While Minecraft is a fun game, it's not something we're recording at the moment. Partly because everybody is doing let's plays and partly because it takes freaking ages to record and edit the game properly. Without giving up the day job, we just don't have a lot of free time at the moment.

And the cat. Don't worry about the cat, it's not on fire... it is fire.

Seriously though, it was a Photoshop tutorial that kinda looked cool so it made it on to the banner redesign.


Yep, we done got us a Twitter account.
Wow, I feel so social.

Don't know how to use it or really if it'll be of any benefit to us, but we have a little blue bird on our banner. So that's nice.


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