What's this? A book on my video site?

Yep, turns out Neil decided that there wasn't enough Cyberpunk in the world and decided to write a novel. It comes complete with powerful corporations, Cyberspace, cyborgs and whales.

But wait! There's more! As well as being character driven (you won't need to know computery stuff) it's full of little Easter Eggs for people interested in recent history, because, why not.

Description - New Phoenix: A Cyberpunk Story

Sasha and Alexi embark on a journey though the streets of New Phoenix; complete with cyborgs, airships and whale song.

As they chase down clues in the search for a missing courier, Alexi, can't shake the feeling that they're being lied to. It's not unusual for corporations to hide the truth but something just isn't right with his companion.

Unknown to him, Sasha has an amazing ability. She can see other worlds hidden within her own and talk to digital beings in ways no one else can. This comes at a cost however. It's slowly killing her. She must find the courier... and her sister before time runs out.

Away from the streets, deep within in Cyberspace, dark forces are gathering. Catalina has never known life outside the matrix. It was a happy time but when the world around her starts to break apart, she runs; struggling to stay ahead of the cascade.


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